Gender Equality in Education (Eng) — Tasa-arvo kasvatuksessa (Fin) — Jämställdhet i lärande (Swe)

The study package supports a gender perspective of the pedagogical work carried out within early childhood learning (day care and pre-school) and the education of the comprehensive school (grades 1—9) in Finland.

The study package comprises material and interviews by teachers, day care personnel, students, principals, supervisors, officials, researchers, consultants and people involved in gender equality projects carried out by various organizations. They relate their experiences, research results and methods by which you can start your own gender equality project and development. There are reflective questions added in order to further deepen your learning, along with practical exercises for implementation.

The study package, which can be carried out as self-studies, to be used in class, in a group, with colleagues or parents as support for discussion and development, is divided into three separate portals, based on the intended target groups. 1) Personnel within early childhood learning, 2) personnel in schools, grades 1—6 and 3) personnel in schools, grades 7—9. The study package is further divided into six chapters with four subchapters each. These are designed to aid everyday pedagogical work in regards to gender equality. The individual parts of the study package are approximately timed in order for you to be able to better plan your studies — or if you are a teacher — to better be able to plan your students’ learning. Parents, student teachers or other interested parties can freely undertake the study package in parts or as a whole. The study package is recommended to be carried out as a whole.

The study package Tasa-arvo kasvatuksessa is found in two languages, Finnish and Swedish. If you would feel it to be important to have this material developed in English, please feel free to contact The Council for Gender Equality, TANE with your request (tane[at] When using the material, do note that if you master both languages, you can greatly increase your learning by switching between the two language versions, as the written material varies between languages due to availability of materials in the respective languages.

Tasa-arvo has been funded by the Council for Gender Equality (TANE) and the Gender Equality Unit, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (TASY) in Finland. The study package has been designed and produced by Ekvalita Ab ( and Gaudiell ( The study package materials can be freely distributed and shared as long as proper copyright details are provided.

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List of references:

Sources used in Tasa-arvo in English. Listed in order of appearance in the study package. Extra material does not appear in the material, appart from as suggested sources for further reading in the final list of references.


Early childhood education

Extra material


Comprehensive school (grades 1—9)

Extra material





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